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AutoCAD R14

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26 archive items
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TomasCAD.exe 770996k
TomasCAD r.14.0g for R14 - TomasCAD is an application for AutoCAD for the Italian techni ....more
tomascad14.exe 470976k
TomasCAD r.14.0g for R14 - TomasCAD un applicativo per AutoCAD sviluppato in collabora ....more
tplot 2601.73MB
The 2D software will be used in Heat tube plot in chemical industry and some other industr ....more 950122k
Trim ver 1.0 for R14 - Quick_Keep and Quick_Trim, for certain types of drawings and draf ....more 348277k
AnnotationTranslator v1.1 Evaluation for R14 - AnnotationTranslater is a simple tool to ....more