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Data.lsp 11476k
DATA.LSP Version 2.0 - 21 JAN 1998 Annotates curve data in this format B.L. CURVE DATA ....more
dbloff.lsp 1461.27KB
Offsets Lines to Either Side of a Picked Line and Changes The Lines to the Current Layer, ....more
Dave's lisp dc_grid.lsp 14962k
Dave's lisp This routine will draw a survey co-ordinate grid in autocad 14 or 2000 by si ....more 1025146k
dda.lsp Version 1.0 for R13 - 14 - Lisp Routine for calculating area of polyline in squar ....more
ddhojas lisp None 5463k
EstEen castellano ,y con esta orden ,que és prestada se obtienen formatos DIN para los di ....more 88652k
DDSEL Lisp entiry selection program w/ dialogue boxes - This Program can Select Autocad E ....more 17592k
places drawing name, date and time stamp at lower left corn ....more
Deldup.Zip 21044k
Whenever there are on the same layer, with the same color, the same linetype, the same ele ....more 7672k
The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to pick an entity on a layer to be purge ....more
Detail.lsp 35468k
Circle an area (via the lisp routine), pick a point for your detail, decide how much bigge ....more
DimCL.lsp 10515k
DimCL.lsp for R14/2K/2Ki, TimeSavers for CAD - Command to modify the linetype of dimension ....more
DimConti None 284505.89KB
FREE program designed as an alternate to AutoCAD commands Qdim (has certain limitations) a ....more
Draw-Mid-Offset.LSP 30001k
OFFSET line to midpoint between two lines. DRAW a line at the midpoint between two lines. ....more
duprem.lsp 23582k
deletes duplicate entities in a dwg ....more
Dyntools 102314.99KB
New improved, updated and expanded version. Allows you to create entities using dialog ....more
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