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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

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Title Rating Downloads Size None 122010k
font library 'e' thru 'f' ....more
EasyEdit 1.0 8941318k
EasyEdit 1.0 for SolidWorks 2000 This tool allows you to edit Notes in Solidworks easily. ....more
EasyEdit ver 5.0 6319321k
EasyEdit is a one-line text editor for Autocad that is designed to improve the ddedit comm ....more
EasyEdit ver 5.0 117244k
EasyEdit is a one-line text editor for Autocad that is designed to improve the ddedit comm ....more 743264k
Edblock.ARX for R14.01 - Updated - This program allows the user to edit the text (and all ....more 4519k
et.lsp ver 1.0 for AutoCAD 12 thru 14, Win/Dos. Edit text lines found by using text stri ....more None 56230k
This is a program to edit LSP, DCL, MNS, or MNL files written in Visual Basic 5.0. It is a ....more
Fastdim V. 1.2 132818k
FastDim is a routine write in ARX that allows to draw multiple dimensions, picking two poi ....more
FastDim Shareware Version 60597k
Very useful VBA macro for multiple continuous dimensions. Allows you to select points o ....more
Filter out edited dimension 246812B
Filter out user edited dimension lines & move it to a separate layer. ....more 894352k
The FIND2000 is an improvement of the application named FIND.LSP from the Autodesk BONUS p ....more 4022k
The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to pick a sample attribute tag (exploded ....more 5312k
flipdim.lsp Flips text of dimensions that extend beyond extension lines to opposite side. ....more 1060613k
Fonts on Demand - 3D CAD Importable Font Sets - Fonts on Demand are a collection of fo ....more 272542k
text fonts for autocad(tm) with fractions, characters ....more
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