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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util. - ARCHIVED

198 archive items -- Showing Files 121 thru 135
244 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 26540k
font library 'l-o' ....more 2372k
simple but very effective multiple attribute editor uses au ....more None 1871k
dimension ver and hor dimensions. metric mm prime, inch underneath in brackets. ....more None 36426k
make fonts the easy way! ....more None 4949k
create fonts with makefont.lsp ....more 2262k
Edit text and attribute strings without exploding the block ....more 1052k
move dimension text without explding dimension for R11 and lower ....more None 1951k
Edit individual attributes. ....more
nstyle.lsp None 1321k
updates all text of a particular text style to the current ....more None 1466k
font ....more None 14713k
font ....more None 31920k
2 fonts one filled one outline ....more None 337102k
oracle fonts |high density filled, narrow width font simila ....more None 4149k
fonts ....more 28716k
font library 'p' ....more
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