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Title Rating Downloads Size
mvlt2003 282639.61KB
If you have a work to build Visual LISP applications that contain one or more dialog, MVLT ....more
OverCAD Cmp 263259.68KB
Support AutoCAD 2008 01.Find the differences between two revisions of an AutoCAD drawin ....more
PatGen 2007 1.2 315215.55KB
PatGen is a simple hatch pattern generator which allows the creation of new patterns witho ....more None 47225k for R13 - 14 - This Lsp. file will place a stamp 90 deg. at the lower left corn ....more
Place ver. 1.1 2696k
Placement AutoCAD entities along a guiding line with a constant step or as a projection. ....more
Plot Stamp 1.2 5042.35KB
Force the use of a plot stamp. Great for network use with multiple users. ....more
PolyLine_Converter-Reducer None 4621.48MB
Replace any polyline with a LWPolyline, reduce vertices if needed. ....more
LWPolyline_VerticeReducer_14.01 None 2461.62MB
Reduce vertices in LWPolylines in AutoCAD 14.01. ....more
LWPolyline_VerticeReducer_2000 None 4301.65MB
Reduce vertices in LWPolylines in AutoCAD 2000. ....more
Post-O-Matic v1.1.9 None 610177k
Post-O-Matic was designed to convert AutoCAD text lists into generic G Codes. AutoCADs lis ....more
Post-O-Matic v1.2.A None 571180.53KB
Post-O-Matic was designed for converting AutoCAD entity list dumps into generic G Code. S ....more
Print_Dir.ZIP 4371404k
List Directory for RStand Alone App - Lets you select any directory in Windows 95/98 and ....more
Project-HTMLgenerator None 20420.71KB
Visual Basic 6 project for generating web page for active desktop to launch drawing from t ....more 30918k
PostScript User Prolog ver 1.4 for AutoCAD 12 + User Prolog for the PSOUT command (and it ....more
Algolab Photo Vector ver 1.81 None 3321.12MB
Vectorizer and image cleaner: a proven handy tool for designers and CAD/CAM professionals ....more
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