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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

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Title Rating Downloads Size 2818116k
31 fonts use [v]iew a file ....more 261538k
acad fonts ....more 5342k
Finds any "fudged" dimensions and automatically changes them to a layer called FUDGED-DIMS ....more
GEO.ZIP 58836.78KB
AutoLISP program to aid in the creation and insertion of Feature Control Symbols (geometri ....more None 115524k
font library 'g' ....more
Gk Level v.1.00 44925.48KB
GkRep 1.00 What is GkLevel? Surely you have a block with attributes that represent an ....more
Gk Rep v.1.00 None 31926.38KB
GkRep 1.00 What is GkRep? To measure an architectural building, you usually use dimens ....more 6667k
Parametric Geometric Tolerance and Dimensioning symbols. 14 symbols, datum ref, and datum ....more 15954k
hand lettering .shx file ....more 12164k
a hand lettering font ....more 309366k
more hatches ....more 118245k
helvetica font ....more 1790135k
6 filled helveica fonts light, med, bold ,hi lo density ....more
Hface ver. 5.01 701585k
Hface ver. 5.01 for AutoCAD 13 - 14 Hface automatically places either wipeouts or 3dface ....more None 1298132k
font library 'h' ....more
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