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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util. - ARCHIVED

198 archive items -- Showing Files 136 thru 150
244 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size 1693k
phantom font ....more None 973k
improved print command for wcedit ....more None 16212k
allows you to use text editor of your choice inside autocad ....more None 15615k
paragraph text processor. ....more None 18414k
ptext -- paragraph text processor. text can be entered directly on the autocad text screen ....more 2408k
dimensioning lisp speeds up the process ....more None 23967k
qe.lsp.exp.arx version 1.10 april 1996 a simple one line text editor. that also, allows th ....more None 11822K
AutoCAD (TM) Revision 12 Spell Checker R12Spell.lsp (Version 1.0 - November 10, 1996) ....more None 1405k
dimentioning routine ....more None 35834K
The font "REVERSE.SHX" is an experimental font from Dave Edwards Consulting. We are cons ....more 2252K
Set text rotation by picking a line. ....more None 1183K
saves the current dimension variables to a script file. R12 ....more
scltext.lsp None 220.8K
rescale all selected text from their insertion point ....more None 1559k
font with a screened look ....more 20215k
shadowed font ....more
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