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AutoCAD - 3D Tools - ARCHIVED

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122 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size
fdn.lsp None 335.7K
Draws 3d Faces from 3d lines to a prompted elevation ....more 42611k
Creates fly-thru and fly arround animations. View in wireframe mode or create slides for u ....more
GEO.ZIP 11173k
GEO.LSP is a collection of functions that will generate an nth-order geodesic sphere of un ....more
HMFSHO.ZIP None 303150k
HMFSHOW is a slideshow and 'hands-on' demonstration of AutoCAD 3D techniques. This demonst ....more 4373k
converts 3Dpolines into 2D polylines with elevation. It works by writing a DXF file cont ....more None 23515k
mez_3dpf is written for autocad r12_x and r13_x. it converts 3dfaces to a complex polyline ....more None 2903k
This macro constructs various tetrahedrons and pyramids with a flat base on the X-Y plan ....more None 2484k
Function to create a "rotated surface" from a profile polyline, a center line, and a ....more 75312K
RC3DJOIN.lsp is an AutoLISP Application that will JOIN 2 selected 3-D Polylines, an option ....more 6075K
3DPP.lsp was written to plot 3D points (x, y, z) in true 3D space and connect the 3D point ....more
sm1_2d.ZIP 2441273k
Solid modeling boolean recorder. Record boolean operations on solid primitives, extrusion ....more 2821k
creates 3d solid fills ....more None 2153k
divides a rectangle into 3dfaces to simulate windows ....more None 2743k
draw an open tube in any orientation, made up of 3dfaces. ....more 4084k
convert a 3d polyline to a solid tube ....more
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