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AutoCAD - Input Devices - ARCHIVED

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13 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 304106K
Heads-Up Digitizer, the on-screen tablet menu, V1.0 was developed by an AutoCAD(tm) user w ....more None 2373k
autolisp--instant key assignment utility ....more None 2232k
use keyboard macros and aliases w/o using extra memory ....more None 1775k
sets the 'p' program buttons on a kurta is/one tablet ....more 17428k
allow programmers to select the 'p' keys is/1 kurta tablet. ....more None 227163k
mouse drv for logitech mouse config in acad windows ....more None 29729K
MacKey lets you define your keys for what YOU want to do. You can set up command line st ....more None 2072k
define a sequence of commands which can be executed w/ 1 key ....more 22019k
summagraphics adi driver for summa microgrid ....more None 25218k
minitab is an autocad based program written in autolisp that replaces or enhances the use ....more
MM10.ZIP None 28013k
MM is a group of utilities for instantly writing and managing keyboard macros. Macros can ....more None 23078K
use the numeric keypad to enter commands TRIPLE YOUR SPEED! ....more 39817k
AutoCAD's stock alias system includes a few useful alias's, and of course you can add mor ....more
SNAPKEY.ZIP None 3113k
Snapkey is a new way of using your function keys for snap functions. It is especially hand ....more None 226480k
Screen Wintab 1.05 beta. displays a picture of your tablet on the screen where you can u ....more
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