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Title Rating Downloads Size
A_RUBIX.ZIP (v1.01) : Free RUBIK\'S CUBE game for AutoCAD 257029.1KB
K4KUBE is a free RUBIK'S CUBE game for AutoCAD (r12-2002) Click on Large Arrows to turn ....more
acad.lsp 67065k
various lisp routines all in one lisp file ....more
AcadBreak 834247.17KB
AcadBreak v.3 is a program for adding breakline symbols and objects with breaklines in Aut ....more
AcadCalc for 2004 2923370.93KB
FREE Calculator for AutoCAD (any formats of numbers). Results of calculations can be use ....more
AcadCalc 1923370.95KB
FREE Calculator for AutoCAD (any formats of numbers). Results of calculations can be use ....more
AcadCalcStair 21531.57MB
AcadCalcStair - Stair and Rail Auto drafting program + Calculator for AutoCAD. Main featur ....more
AcadExplorer v.4 None 5692.14MB
AcadExplorer: Fast Navigation and effective File Management in AutoCAD + Valuable Batch co ....more
Acad Officer 6251.09MB
Acad Officer is a powerful set of AutoCAD add-ons designed by NYacad. Nine programs incl ....more
AcadTRK 1.5 (Free Extension for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Family) 233582.58KB
AcadTRK is a series of open source programs, menu and mapping tools to use in AutoCAD, Bri ....more 489715k
11 useful lisp routines ....more
ACM-AutoCAD Clone Master 1940103k
Do you switch screen with command "PAN" from one floor to other floor(i.e. architectural) ....more 24762k
import text to dwg ....more 37845K
adplot v2.00 - a superb lisp routine that date/time/user stamp on any autocad drawing. ....more 35664k
adplot v2.00 - a superb lisp routine that will place a machine/file/date/time/user stamp o ....more
Advanced Fillet & Chamfer ver. 1.2 210511k
The programs "Advanced Fillet and Chamfer" (AdvFC) it are expansion of standard commands " ....more
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