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AutoM8 v2 653451K
AutoM8 v2 has three main functions: Change: Enter AutoCAD commands to form a script or lo ....more 121121k
AutoSimp is a surface simplification program which can be applied to all kinds of AutoCAD ....more
AutosXeduLe 657268.98KB
Draws any schedule into AutoCAD from Excel. Updates them with the click of a button. Co ....more
AutoXlsTable 2.31 for AutoCAD2000 10331.61MB
New release!AutoXlsTable 2.31 Fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD. Create and modify t ....more
AutoXlsTable2.3 for AutoCAD 2000 16281.47MB
New Release!AutoXlsTable2.3 Fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD. AutoXlsTable assist ....more
Autodraw v1.0 12541.65KB
This software makes drawing with Autocad an enjoyable task! It extends capabilities of Aut ....more
BatchPlot2000.exe 30321808k
Batch Plot Utility to supplement AutoCADs Utility. Allows for quick plots, and include the ....more
Block Replace v10.2 703202k
Allows you to replace block references of one name with another. This is especially useful ....more
Block Replace v10.1 1445104k
Block Replace v10.1 for AutoCAD 2000 Replaces existing block references with different or ....more
CADunitMechanic2002 1639604.49KB
CADunit.mechanic for AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002. Over 50.000 of intelligent mechanical obje ....more
CADutility(c) v0.4 394878k
CADutility(c) v0.4 is a group of autoLISP programs intended for every AutoCAD14/2000 user ....more
Advanced Selection Tools_2002 3601.31MB
Allows you to select a set of multiple entity types based on parameters such as names, att ....more
AutoXlsTable_2000 5691.43MB
Provides a very unique add-on table application for AutoCAD using the powerful features of ....more
AutoXlsTable_2000_V22 5181.46MB
New Release!!!Fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD to assist you easily and rapidly to crea ....more
Enhanced Block Tools_2000 4761.33MB
Provide capabilities that AutoCAD does not have for blocks, such as changing colors, line ....more
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