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195 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
dp13wm.exe 47538k
HP DraftPro driver version 1.1 for AutoCAD R13 Win(Manual Installation) supports ....more
dpro13d.exe 31234k
HP DraftPro driver version 1.0 for AutoCAD R13 DOS Shareware by Walter W. ....more
execjt12.exe 26062k
Lexmark ExecJet IIc AutoCAD R12 DOS driver v1.0 - ....more
gl2dos12.exe 33693k
Updated HP-GL/2 ADI 4.2 driver V1 for AutoCAD R12 DOS - supports the following H ....more
gl2dos13.exe 28593k
Updated HP-GL/2 ADI 4.2 driver V1 for AutoCAD R13 DOS Shareware by Walter ....more
lja12d.exe 30978k
LaserJet series AutoCAD R12 DOS driver version 2.1 supports all LaserJet ....more
Updated Plot Drivers for AutoCAD 30533182k
Updated plotter drivers for AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Mechanical 2000, Mechanical Desktop 4, A ....more 327220k
Plot Driver for the PROTRACER from Pacific Data Products. Works with Acad R10, R11, R12 ....more 5391k
Print Screen command for AutoCAD ....more 45634k
CALS RASTER ADI 4.3 PRINTER DRIVER for-R14 - 1. Supports Binary, Grayscale and color ras ....more 368357k
SPLOT version 2.32 for Windows 3.1+ NOW THREE TIMES FASTER! ....more 336189k
SPLOT version 2.52 for MS-DOS It supports HP-GL or DXY-GL pen plotte ....more 705447k
SPLOT version 3.00 for Win32 (Win32s, Win95 or WinNT) NOW THREE TIME ....more
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