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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util. - ARCHIVED

198 archive items -- Showing Files 151 thru 165
244 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 2104k
attention getting font file ....more None 1463K
SolidTXT.lsp draws the solid text 1 inch thick but that is easy to change just by going in ....more None 124217k
spell checker for acad ....more None 112588k
demo version of cadmagic spellcheck v2.0! ....more 7314k
stencil font shx and shp files ....more None 18629k
star fleet bold extended text font file .dwg source file. ....more None 3422k
add subscripts and superscripts to any autocad font (.shp) ....more None 3382k
add subscripts and superscripts to any autocad font (.shp) ....more None 1502k
substitute a line of text w/ new text just pick and type ....more 1648k
Match characteristics of multiple text entities to an existing text entity. Matches color, ....more 2725K
This program can be used to modify AutoCAD DIMENSIONs without exploding. The modificatio ....more None 912245k
t.c. fonts for autocad(tm) library one ....more None 20073k
te4 (text editor) is a full featured autocad text entity ed ....more None 14011k
text editor for acad written in lisp ....more 16825k
text editor for inside acad ....more
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