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shadfx10.exe 13182382k
Amethyst ShadowFX v1.0 Amethyst ShadowFX is a sun and shadow modelling program for archit ....more
shutter.lsp 13121k
This routine draws a louvered shutter by following the prompts. The distances must be in i ....more 38023k
stair riser and run calculations ....more
Steps.lsp v2.0 30665k
Steps.lsp v2.0 for AutoCAD 13 + Dialog driven stair calculator. Generates calculations f ....more
Stl_ShpsPlus 920117k
This is a demo for Stl_ShpsPlus, it has one example of each shape listed: (aisc & cisc) ....more
Stl_PlusDemo5 639156.17KB
(aisc & cisc) wide flanges, (aisc & cisc) hp shapes, (aisc & cisc) wt shapes, (aisc & cis ....more
Steel Shape - Block Maker ver 1.1 79084k
Steel Shape - Block Maker is a simple, user-friendly utility for drawing AISC steel shape ....more 35984k
stud.lsp for R12 - 14 - AutoLisp program to draw metal and wood studs of any size. ....more 5441482k
Syspress V3.1 for R12 - 14 - SysPress is an add-on product for AutoCAD which provides a va ....more
table-parametric 8395.89KB
this parametric routine draws tables with chairs inputing size and shape, making possible ....more None 830197k
Tag Ver 1.1 for R12 - 14 - new version of archtag.lsp. Draws architectural tags for call ....more
AutoCAD VBA TimeStamper None 67644k
This will update any block selected with an attribute array. the textboxes will contain th ....more 70736k
various toilet dwgs for architects ....more 23787k
parametric program to create elevation dwgs of floor trusses ....more
TSLeader 3.2 2033421k
Leader Add-on for R14/2K/2Ki by TimeSavers for CAD - A system of commands, including dialo ....more
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