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Title Rating Downloads Size
JPipe3D ver. 4.0 1345731k
A suite of utilities to aid the design and draughting of piping general arrangement drawin ....more
KbTools 2000 68118.35KB
Usefull functions exposed from Arx for lisp developpers ....more None 45718k
KendimaGroups 1.0 for R13 - 14 - KENDIMAGROUPS is a shareware program that provides Auto ....more
KitoX Tools LT v1.0 None 24326.56KB
Description: ....more
KitoX Toolset v5.4 None 360216.33KB
KitoX Toolset application for AutoCAD consists of couple different command sets and makes ....more None 5502k
You must first draw a line or many lines. Then repeat command KH a couple of times. Remem ....more
Kordil AcadTRK Open Source AutoCAD Extenstion 109175.02KB
Kordil AcadTRK is a series of open source programs, menu and mapping tools for all AutoCAD ....more
Kordil AcadTRK Open Source AutoCAD Extenstion 72175.02KB
Kordil AcadTRK is a series of open source programs, menu and mapping tools for all AutoCAD ....more None 59541k
Leader to Block allows the user to create either single or multi-segmented leaders tha ....more 1341267k
LD_Cloud v2.0 for R14 - LD-Cloud is cloud revision program that makes revision clouds wit ....more
Ldrhook.lsp None 5471k
ldrhook.lsp ver 1.0 for R13 + - Adds a hook line / tail / dog leg to hookless associative ....more
LFD.lsp 9882k
LFD Starts a Line at a specified Fraction or Multiple of the Distance in direction from f ....more 430991k
Level GENerator DEMO (C) SySoft CAD Solutions 1997 This DEMO will only work with a 50k fi ....more None 554372k
Pick the Title - Insert blocks on screen - This is the second version of a program that l ....more
Lines.lsp 14355k
lines.lsp accumulates lengths of LINEs, LWPOLYLINEs and ARCs entities on layers. revised l ....more
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