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Title Rating Downloads Size None 340393k
Section Properties Analysis for 2D drawings in AutoCAD 12 and above. ....more
Pointor 598178.21KB
Pointor is an AutoCAD plug-in for importing lists of point coordinates from external text ....more
Export Manager 2.0 None 6503.09MB
The Export Manager is a program for the conversion of AutoCAD drawings into more than 75 g ....more
SLBTOOL.ZIP None 101329k
The Slide Library Tool is an ADS application the provides AutoCAD with functions to manipu ....more
Josh Slope Lisp Ver 1.0 8381k
Created by Joshua Fredric Slopelvl - Calculates ....more
SuperLiner 1.0 59261.76KB
A completely new tool type, a line set cloner allows you to repeat any existing set of lin ....more
SuperLiner 1.1 79861.74KB
SuperLiner A completely new tool type, a line set cloner allows you to repeat any e ....more
SmartLock V1.31 None 2082.37MB
DWG files batch Locking system The design electronics documents in the format of AutoCAD ....more
SmarTools v2.14 None 192626.7KB
SmarTools, a utility routine for AutoCAD R14 -2006,gathering a lot of commands to enhance ....more
Sp2sp23b.exe 68565k
Space to Space, v2.3b Move entities from Model space to ....more
PerfectSpring 62714.41KB
Version 2003.02.20. Draws compression and extension springs in 2D after inputting paramete ....more 9535k
Converts plines, splines, arcs & lines into randomized or regular back & forth jagged edge ....more
Self SCaLe 2284.9KB
SSCL (Self SCaLe) scales all entities within a selection set relative to their own primary ....more
STEEL2000.ARX 1234308KB
STEEL2000 is an AutoCAD 2000 Runtime Extension (ObjectARX) program that will quickly and a ....more
SUFACF100.lzh 35999k
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