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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util. - ARCHIVED

198 archive items -- Showing Files 166 thru 180
244 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 1583k
text editor for inside acad ....more None 2672k
routine to edit text, attributes, attribute definitions, ....more None 1334k
textmod v1.1 text modifing utility ....more 20920K
Text Modifier, v1.00 FreeWare ....more 9603k
export text from a dwg to ascii file ....more None 22164k
times roman font collection high density low density reg. ....more None 1502k
Command to automate Tolerance dimensioning. ....more 2039k
speed up and simplify the use of tolerance and limits dimensioning ....more None 14922k
text utility kit version 1.0 ....more 2862k
Align text entities based on justification in either x or y. ....more None 27214k
Suite of LISP to manipulate text entities ....more None 1582k
unmirror dimension text ....more None 1723k
overwrites attributes with text of same value and style ....more None 14530k
UnStack is designed to allow AutoCAD Release 13 users to work around some limitations ....more 3252k
change all text to upper case ....more
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