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623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
AcadTRK V1 41020KB
Just copy and paste this link to your browser, you will get right at the correct address w ....more 12821k
for R12 + - LISP allows the user to pick an AutoLisp file, via a dialog box in a predefin ....more
LeaderM8 v1.4 719136k
LeaderM8.lsp v1.4 from M8Tools, creates 8184 different styles of leader-lines, using singl ....more 14021k
Puts sequential numbers on a acad drawing. You can specify first number, last number, Prec ....more
Lnaln.ZIP 11021k
Lisp routine draws a line at any angle to another line without knowing the angle of the or ....more
Lnperp.ZIP 11441k
This routine draws a line perpendicular to a line beginning anywhere along a selected line ....more
Layout Plot v1.1 55019.3KB
You can rotate, scale and locate your paper (A4, A3, A2 etc..) and plot it. ....more
LSD.lsp 4852k
A file was uploaded to the Cadalog Temp directory by Peter J Cheeseman The description of ....more 8904k
This progam that will change the linetype scale up or down by user. ....more 14056k
makelt creates and edits linetypes. the function has four o ....more
makslb_2 None 399282k
use of makslb, does not work in windows 2000 chinese version ....more
makslb_1 380282k
use for makslb, does not work in window 2000 english version ....more
Match Blocks 11642k
Utility that matches the attibutes of one block and applies it to another. It will match a ....more
MATTEDIT version 1.0 86716.55KB
his list routine is an upgrade to the "attedit" command. The program will do most of the f ....more None 6902k
LISP to make exact cutting in to the middle of many arcs and lines by one command. (multip ....more
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