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Title Rating Downloads Size 895364k
The SuperArray2000 is an improved routine to AutoCAD native ARRAY and 3DARRAY command. All ....more
SuperArray2002 None 352992KB
SuperArray2002 is a combination application of AutoCAD native ARRAY and 3DARRAY commands. ....more None 264260k
Switch_entity Arx for R14 - This program allows the user to switch the locations of sever ....more
Commands & Variables Database 75247k
Microsoft access database containing all AutoCAD system variables & Commands in releases 1 ....more None 3835k
Tag insert, attdef, draw leader, and trim starter. Builds block/tag outline from tblsearc ....more
tbnote32.EXE 835512k
TurboNote 3.2 A Free Sticky Note Program. Small, powerful and very useful. Great on a ....more 137510k
A baker's dozen of linetypes created with simple custom shapes. ....more
TimeGuard Pro 2114.75MB
TimeGuard is smart and friendly time tracking software. We believe that after a short tria ....more
TimeTech 1.0 6341670k
TimeTech is a powerful new utility designed to automate tedious timekeeping for AutoCAD t ....more 112494k
Toolkit 1.1 Featuring: * Online help-THELP * Sheet management routines for creating and ....more
TotalPurge - drawing optimization solution 365.8MB
TotalPurge is a powerful compact tool to be run in AutoCAD environment, created specially ....more 498279k
This is a demo version 1.0 of TP.ARX FOR R14 TP.ARX is a parametric program.It draws side ....more
Text Merge v2006.05.04 104355.79KB
Converts all text, mtext, and attdef from user selected style(s) to any style in your curr ....more
Unbind v2006.05.03 23274.39KB
Removes post-binding artifacts ($0$ - $9$) from layer names, linetype names, block names, ....more
DrawingLauncherLog2003 25331.31KB
VisualBasic 6.0 project and application for logging every drawing opened in a session and ....more
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