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623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
Layout Vports Maker 1008206.67KB
Make the Layout vport windowing in Model space and get it in the Layout. It is a dialogbo ....more
Layout Vports Maker 821206.67KB
Make the Layout vport windowing in Model space and get it in the Layout. It is a dialogbo ....more None 475198.98KB
MVPEN facilitates the MVIEW command, by using Simple actions and language for defining the ....more 7309k
Nightbeat Block Counter ver 1.0 for R13 - 14 - This lisp program counts instances of blo ....more 7199k
Duplicate a selected entity, even if it is nested. ....more
NMCoords.Zip None 65021k
"NM Coords" is small, helpfull FREEWARE routine which is dedicated to all that mouse/toolb ....more
note.lsp 98011k
For AutoCAD 12 - 14 ....more None 913100k
note.lsp for R13 - 14 - writes text in drawing from pre-defined annotations. saves time ....more
NYacadFREE 7881.24MB
Nyacad FREE is a FREE set of AutoCAD utilities, by NYacad ( The current re ....more
Object Numbering 18613.49KB
Automatically generates numbered text in a series to allow quick numbering of objects in o ....more 8632k
oov2 - Multi Centre Line Double Offset - Version 2, This lisp will offset a line on either ....more
Oval.lsp 7642k
OVAL.LSP draws oval by picking only 3 points (at any angle) - Works with ortho on/off snap ....more
Oval.lsp 3264k
Oval.lsp for R14/2K/2Ki, TimeSavers for CAD - Routine for constructing a polyline oval. To ....more 58112k
ParenMatch for RStand Alone App - ParenMatch is a must-have utility for lisp programmers ....more
Pat2000 2215354K
Automatic hatch generator ....more
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