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623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
PlotM8 v2.1 476323k
PlotM8 v2.1 by M8Tools allows the AutoCAD user to select and plot multiple drawing files v ....more
ParenMatch 4331.69MB
ParenMatch is a small stand-alone debugging tool used to trace mismatched parentheses in y ....more None 43174k
PAW-Cad REP2 for R12 - 14 - This routine draws presstool standard equipment like rounded ....more 8791k
Draw line perpedicular to specified point of another line ....more 5764K
Pitch symbol ver 1.8 for R13 - 14 - Select a line and this utility draws a triangular pit ....more
purge all 5 times 972319B
very useful and simple lisp should be enough to clean your drawing ....more
PurgeNest 673950B
Purge all purgable entities in one step. ....more
Quick Cloud 2.0 268392k
Quick Cloud can draw a revision cloud by picking two or more points. With two modes (Recta ....more
QuickMirror-2 None 250452.16KB
Mirror command: 2- 5 times faster. New in rel. 2 - Last object mirror commands. ....more
raya.lsp 5441k
RAYA will draw a ray from a point you select and prompt you for the angle at which it will ....more
Rbons 28339.41KB
Rbons will draw 2D and model 3D fibreglass pipe and fittings in accordance with Ameron 200 ....more 1211158K
custom linetype generator ....more
Reblock.lsp None 6783k
Re-Block V1.0 for R12 - Redefines SELECTED block per its block name, selected base point, ....more
Replace.lsp None 10242k
Lisp for replacing blocks in a drawing. Inherits the Layer, Scale & insertion point of old ....more 130511k
REPLACE, replaces selected blocks with a specified block, retaining all of the original p ....more
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