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Title Rating Downloads Size
Blocks Replacer 1.0 8933k
This tools allow replace all blocks BLOCKNAME1 of drawing other blocks BLOCKNAME2... ....more None 5622k
Replace Device V1.01 for R12 - 14 - Allows user to select block, give name of new block t ....more
Rescale.exe 113048k
Rescale Blocks, Text and Arrowheads. ....more 4772k
Random Insert ver 1 for R12 - 14 - Permits random rotation of blocks along selected objec ....more
Rot2ent.lsp 18614k
Rot2ent.lsp for R14/2K/2Ki, TimeSavers for CAD - Rotates selected objects relative to a sp ....more 9894k
ROUGHEN v.2k.0 for R12 + - Use ROUGHEN when you want to turn a polyline or line into an i ....more
Rpiping 1323811.93KB
This fully working menu driven program which draws Pipe, Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Vessel ....more None 391261k
s_tag for R13 - 14 - It draws a shipping tag and wire to show the placement of a shippi ....more
Sa.lsp 8442k
This routine sets the snapangle by selecting an entity. If the entity is anything other th ....more
SA900.lsp None 6815k
Cross Hair Angle for R12 - 14 - Pick a line, pline (aligns to segment) or text to align c ....more None 6964k
SAME.LSP, a free source LISP routine to create the same entity than the one selected. This ....more
saver.lsp 8101k
This program saves drawings to multiple diectories and as different releases! ....more 9046k
Savestamp for R12 - 14 - A drawing stamp routine that saves the file,then records the dir ....more
Scale.lsp 12062k
Commands to scale and set limits in paper space - Very Handy! ....more
SDS-DXF-CNC-Convert None 2412.32MB
Convert hundreds of DXF drawings produced by non-AutoCAD-based programs (such as SDS/2) in ....more
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