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Title Rating Downloads Size None 4455k
ViewPort swap routine. Intended for use with "space.dwg" which contains four pre-arranged ....more
Sweep.lsp 10412k
SWEEP.LSP will draw a sweep arrow for IPB style drawings using a single polyline. ....more
Co-ordinate Table in Autocad 25623k
Draw a co-ordinate table automitically as you pick points. Includes choice of picking or e ....more
TAN2OBJ.VLX Version 1.0 None 7318KB
This free program for AutoCAD 2000 and up constructs a line tangent to an ARC, CIRCLE, ELL ....more
Text Append None 7623.63KB
adds a prefix and/or suffix specified by the user to all selected text. ....more
Text as vectors None 67412.29KB
A LISP routine to display any text string as vectors. Use in your own programs to: * ....more
TopoLT V4.0 9990
TopoLT is useful for those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format. ....more
TopoLT V7.0 build 1 8238.8MB
TopoLT is a program that offers tools for 2D and 3D application. TopoLT presents many poss ....more
Tri90 v1.5 None 42838KB
This routine allows the user to quick calculate the elements of a right triangle starting ....more 18554K
Freeware - Enhanced Multi-Trim Commands by Bob Jones With Dialog Box interface ....more
Text Scaling None 8843.58KB
scales all text up or down by the scale factor specified by the user. ....more
TTO2C - Tangent to Tangent Line Work 81611k
OBJECTIVE*** The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to draw a line tangent to t ....more None 61256k
UCS_Manager is a utility to automate the naming of a UCS and to visualise the restoring ....more 6732k
The unit changer, takes any text value that is a number and converts it to a different un ....more
KozMos-MVLT2002.Brugalina None 3381.46MB
KozMos-MVLT2002.Brugalina is a VisualLISP programming tools for AutoCAD R14.0+. MVLT2002 ....more
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