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AutoCADPictureTablefromExcel2000_1.0 7591.95MB
Turns an Excel2000 Table (Range of cells - Named Range) into an attached Image in AutoCAD ....more
AutoCADVBA_ColorGenerator None 38930.6KB
Generates all AutoCAD colors as solids with text labels. Source code included. ....more
AutoCADVBA_PlotLogFile None 35221.08KB
Log Plots to textfile VBA example with code. 1. Load this file into Acad 14 or 2000 wit ....more
AutoCADVBA_SaveAllThumbnails 45656.56KB
Save thumbnails to .bmp in directory of drawings, across multiple sub directories, with al ....more
AutoMatch! 56861.2KB
Amazing AutoMatch! Draw complex entities with just a few mouse clicks. Let AutoMatch do ....more
AutoCAD Update Tool 2.0.6 3044.13MB
With AutoCAD Update Tool you can update information in AutoCAD drawing files on the fly! F ....more
AutoTEST v2.0 None 5784.65MB
AutoTEST performs four (4) different evaluations for AutoCAD candidates being hired for a ....more
autoxlstable for AutoCAD 2007 None 1641.63MB
AutoXlsTable fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD. It can create ta ....more
autoxlstable for AutoCAD 2008 None 2341.63MB
AutoXlsTable fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD/Microstation/IntelliCAD. It can create ta ....more
BatchExport 2004 None 319563.35KB
This tool helps exporting multiple AutoCAD drawings to different file formats. You have th ....more
BlockAnatomizer2003a None 2471.45MB
List block definition AutoCAD subentities to saveable textbox, with color, layer and Entit ....more
BlockCount2Excel 2.1.0 None 5122.32MB
BlockCount2Excel2002 2.0 Processes the returned text from the AutoCAD Count command. ....more
block entity properties v2006.08.18 48249.29KB
Quickly redefines the layer, linetype, and color of all entities within selected block def ....more
BOMBAS.ZIP 122514k
This is a simple bill of materials report generator. ....more
Batch Plot Drawings 372930.56KB
Batch Plot Drawings. Opens and prints autocad drawings in batch mode. windows explorer lik ....more
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