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AutoCAD 2000

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Title Rating Downloads Size
SuperLib_2000_V22 6592.58MB
A powerful integrated drawing and block library management application that collects, mana ....more
Text Manager_2000 7401.33MB
Far surpasses the standard AutoCAD text editing features by allowing you to quickly and ea ....more
Annotation Case v4.0 549204k
Manipulates the alphabetic case of the characters displayed by attributes, dimensions, mte ....more 179510k
Chainwheel Lisp ver 1.2 for R2000 - CHAINWHL.LSP a program designed to draw chainwheels. ....more
Cloud v5.1 189481k
Allows you to create revision clouds or tree-lines. Its user interface is simpler and more ....more
CNC Path 82549.46KB
The file CNCPath v2.dvb contains 2 macros for AutoCAD 2000. They are for use in generating ....more
ColorSwap v5.1 208256k
ColorSwap ver 5 for AutoCAD 2000 Change the colors of all objects in a drawing that you no ....more
copy_rotate.VLX 16344k
copy_rotate for R2000 - This program allows the user to select a group of entities that i ....more
Color Translator v2.5 55177k
Allows you to change, or translate, one color scheme to another. If you regularly exchange ....more
dd.lsp 5752k
Design Development Data Exporter for R2000 - Quickly save Design Development data. This ....more 90022k
Develop 2.0 is a program which runs within Autocad 2000(tm) and at this writing is capable ....more
The DMS calculator 62211k
This is a calculator for working in degrees minutes and seconds. It has 4 functions, < + - ....more
DoorWin 3.0 4040712K
Quick door/window insertion becomes easier than ever on plain AutoCAD. * It automatic ....more
eng_upd.exe 17901198k
Table Maker ver. 2.3 for AutoCAD 14 + Table Maker - programm for making table in AutoCAD ....more 19462426k
EXTRACTOR Version 1.0 is a stand-alone application written In Visual Basic for AutoCAD Rel ....more
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