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Title Rating Downloads Size 14264.62MB
my whole list of autolisp that we created for all autolisp users, many i got from other fr ....more None 115015k
Util collection for R12 - 14 - collection several interesting program and mix it in one d ....more
Valves 98892.87KB
This routine will draw flanged, socket weld and threaded 2D and 3D valves without the use ....more None 7514k
Viewcut v.2.3 for R13 - 14 - Cuts viewports by allowing the user to select points in mode ....more
views.lsp 6981k
Easy way to set views. Commands are - Top, Bottom, Left. Right. Front, Back, NE, SE, etc.. ....more
Visual Weld 6245.29MB
Visual Weld: the program for adding weld symbols in AutoCAD. The user can build any weld ....more
Visual Weld None 6644.9MB
VBA application for adding WELD SYMBOLS in drawings. The most remarkable characteristic o ....more
VPtool.fas 7571.22KB
Command to Lock and Unlock AutoCAD viewports using keyboard shortcuts VL (Viewport lock) ....more
VPTS New Versions for R14 and R2000 173418k
Automated Viewporting for AutoCAD 14 and 2000. You will automatically be placed in MODEL S ....more
W2 15825k
W2 is a program written in AutoLISP, that calculate the properties of any cross section: a ....more
Watson6.0 DEMO by None 16869.65KB
Watson6.0 by is an artifical intelligence referencing agent for AutoCAD. ....more 2342720k
Weld Symbols Ver 2.0 for R13 + - A dialog box driven Lisp routine that allows the user t ....more
Weld Symbols Ver 3.1 2725468.72KB
A dialog box driven Lisp routine that allows the user to automatically construct Weld Symb ....more
Weld Symbols Visual Weld v. 4 15326.15MB
Weld Symbols Visual Weld v.4: the program for adding weld symbols in AutoCAD. New in rele ....more
Extended Array None 6448.67KB
adds several options and a dialog interface to the standard Rectangular Array feature incl ....more
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