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Balancer Lite 362.89MB
Atangeo Balancer is a tool that puts your 3D polygonal models in balance. With Balancer y ....more 233320k
generate cross sections from 3-d dwg ....more 1314978k
CAMA/FILL 3.7 for R14 - CAMA/FILL is the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software for ....more 398560k
WiseCOIL automates the creation of coil or spring like 3D objects. It is also good to cre ....more
Coplane 121276.08KB
Coplane makes non-coplanar (objects that aren't on the same plane) coplanar in a very easy ....more
CSG Editor Ver. 3 for AutoCAD 2000 10791079k
Context CAD's CSG Editor works within AutoCAD to help you create and modify solid models. ....more
CSG Editor Ver. 3 for AutoCAD R14 6341065k
Context CAD's CSG Editor works within AutoCAD to help you create and modify solid models. ....more 7921k
Cut for R13 + - Slices a solid(s) perpendicular to the current UCS by picking 2 points re ....more 617379k
CreateView 1.38 for R14 - CreateView 1.38 operates in an AutoCAD R14 enviroment and is a ....more
CV2000 88777k
CreateView 2000 operates in an AutoCAD R2000 enviroment and is a specialised application f ....more 1367102k
DataBase Library v2.02 for R12 + - A library of LISP routines that make it easier to co ....more
Allsheets Detail Compiler 7795420k
Allsheets Detail Compiler has been designed for CAD professionals who use cut symbols and ....more
DEVELOPED SECTION for AutoCAD 1.0 240366.97KB
An application for AUTOCAD 2002-2008, which determines the developed section of one set of ....more 1177106k
DETAILER SectionDetail Symbol v1.0 for R12 - 14 - SectionDetail Bubble program for all A ....more
Dwfout2.exe 746245k
DWFOUT creates script files for use with AutoCAD Release 14 for converting DWG files to DW ....more
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