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Title Rating Downloads Size 6971134k
A suite of programs and utilities to aid in the production of process and instrumentation ....more None 5858k
KbTools 1.0 for R14 - A small library of exposed routines from arx to avoid the limits o ....more
KbTools (Update for Acad 2000) None 50610k
Small arx that exposes functions to be used with lisp ....more
PolyEdit v6.6.15 37881.5KB
For LW polylines; Insert node, Delete nodes , reverse, add or remove bulges. ....more
Ltscale Switch 83229K
The LTSCALE Switch is an ARX utility that automatically saves the LTSCALE value when switc ....more 53336k
MDICall for AutoCADr2000 v1.0 Makes your AutoLISP based MDI-awared in AutoCAD r2000 at so ....more None 38111k
MText Auto Load Control ARX for R14 ....more
Multi-Batch Ver 4.0 20764398k
Have you ever needed to perform the same tasks on multiple drawings ? With the release of ....more
PatGen 490212.21KB
PATGEN is a simple hatch pattern generator which allows the creation of new patterns witho ....more
PDF to DWG Converter 19172.86MB
PDFIn PDF to DWG Converter PDF to DWG Converter, an AutoCAD Addin help you import PDF fil ....more
Plot2000 v1.2 14373230k
Fast and easy plotting, batch plotting, plot stamping, and plot billing for AutoCAD 2000, ....more None 37968k
Just an AutoBASIC routine to plot E size drawings. ....more
PlotM8 v3 492509KB
Batch Plotting is what PlotM8 v3 is all about. There are two methods of plotting. Batch pl ....more None 4666k
Updated Popup.arx bonus routine for R14 ....more 8181929k
The new PowerPLOT Lite for Windows Release 5, FREE batch plotting/spooling program. Suppor ....more
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