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Title Rating Downloads Size
AutoHook 2004 v1.01 1044471.61KB
For AutoCAD 2004 and 2004LT. AutoCAD power users know that the keyboard is the fastest ....more
AutoM8 v2.0 582376k
AutoM8 v2.0 by M8Tools allows the AutoCAD user the option of CHANGING, PLOTTING or PURGING ....more
Automv.lsp 12524k
Automatically insert a border and mview in paper space. ....more 36346k
AUTOzero.LSP changes the Z coordinate for selected LINES, POLYLINES, TEXT 3DFACE entities ....more
AW.LSP 10732k
Draws an arc leader constructed with a polyline on the current layer. The standard dimensi ....more 29708k
autoweld ver 4.0 makes weld symbols easy ....more
Bc.lsp 12912k
Block Control for R12 - 14 - This routine allows you to edit layer properties in blocks a ....more 16643k
lisp routine counts blocks ....more
Bolt Calculator 208953k
The Bolt Calculator is a tool written for AutoCAD R12+ users that need to calculate bolt l ....more
BenDviewClip 631.94KB
BenDviewClip clipping planes for isolating parts of the model to facilitate viewing. ....more
BenLTscale LTscale None 54291B
BenLTscale for consistent linetype scale factor (LTscale) appearance and plotting results ....more
BenLTscale LTscale 3945.85KB
BenLTscale adjusts the LTscale with the paper size imperial or metric: Model space and Pap ....more
BenLTscale PsLTscale None 442.79KB
BenLTscale PsLTscale 0 adjusts the LTscale by Drawing Scale factor with the variable PsLTs ....more
BenView Viewport 5462.51KB
BenView create a new View window with border in Model space and new Viewport in Paper spac ....more
BenViewp-list viewport None 522.03KB
BenViewp-list list the Viewport scale factor with high precision. D├ęcimal, ZoomXP 1: 0 ....more
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