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Title Rating Downloads Size 4835k
Layer Separator v1.2.23 for R13 - 14 - Separates a drawing into its constituent layers b ....more
Layer Browser - Version 1.0 12477k
Layer Browser displays all objects on any layer using a simple dialog menu to select that ....more None 39417k
Layer Color Fixer v1.0 for R12 - 14 - Fixing layers' color for plotting purpose (via dial ....more None 444141k
lf.lsp Version 1.0 for R13 - 14 - AutoLisp program that allows you to make a selection se ....more
LFDel Ver.100 44852.73KB
A programme that will purges all the Layer Filters from the layer filter's list. The prog ....more
LineCommander 481251k
This LinineCommander administration of groups of lines as a type directory of AutoCAD. Ass ....more
lla.exe None 3601454k
List Layers by Age ver 1.0.0 for R14 - Ever insert a drawing then wonder what layers it c ....more
Layer Lexicon 3.0 709657k
This great tool floats on the AutoCAD screen for quick access and can be minimized with a ....more
LLIB v 1.1 1766477k
A powerful layer library, with all the features you need to manage your layer standards. F ....more
LLPsite Toolbar Sampler v1.0 46860.18KB
A convienient menu and toolbar interface for accessing many of the fine freeware utilities ....more None 38226k
Layer Master ver13.2 Virtually eliminate the need for layer/name associa ....more
LayerManager Professional v4.1 for Acad 14 5123093k
LayerManager Professional v4 for Acad R14 Ultimate LayerManager for AutoCAD R14, manages ....more
LayerManager Professional v4.1 for Acad 2000 17133108k
LayerManager Professional v4.1 for Acad R2000 Ultimate LayerManager for AutoCAD 2000/2000 ....more None 419308k
Layer Order is a utility for R14+ only to use in place of DRAWORDER. R14's DRAWORDER, whi ....more 102210K
Layer Translator ver 2.2 for R13 - 14 - Are you fortunate enough to receive dwg files fro ....more
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