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AutoCAD R14

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da3d14.exe None 486318k
A3D for R14 ( a.k.a Adjust 3D) - Current version is 4.4 and it is BETA, although fully usa ....more None 402238k
UPDATED Directional Pop Up menu for use with Autocad R14 and Windows 95. Demo Partial Me ....more
dja14w.exe None 42198k
HP DeskJet/ACAD R14 Windows 95/NT A Size, driver Version 2.3 for R14 - As of the release ....more
dja14wm.exe None 392115k
HP DeskJet R14 Windows 95/NT A Size driver V. 2.3 - Manual Intsall for R14 - As of the r ....more
djb14w.exe None 297403k
HP DeskJet/ACAD R14 Windows B Size,(11 x 17 paper) driver V. 1.3 for R14 - This driver s ....more
djb14wm.exe 293116k
HP DeskJet R14 Windows B Size driver V. 1.3-manual Install for R14 - This driver support ....more
DoorWin 3.0 Free Personal Edition 1117507.18KB
Quick door/windows insertion becomes easier than ever on plain AutoCAD. * It automatic ....more
Enhance Block Tools 3.4 for AutoCAD2000 2821.54MB
Change color,line thickness,and text labes of blocks.Also Find and replace blocks, and cou ....more
Editor2.ZIP None 39930k
**UPDATED** The AutoCAD R14 File Editor has been updated with more functions. This progra ....more
elec-proto.dwg 673140.63KB
For those of you who have to develop schematics on the job I am sharing a prototype drawin ....more 76921k
FullPath for AutoCAD R13 and R14 -- Display full drawing path in title bar - Freeware ....more None 3736k
GETSEL.LSP R14 UPDATE The Bonus GETSEL selection always affects all layers 1. Correcte ....more 101657k
Hbmstr_H.LSP draws spur gears - For R14. Assists in drawing spur gear teeth exactly how t ....more None 4046k
IPOsnap for R14 - Interior Point osnap allows the specification of a point as a function ....more
ixLayer.exe 5811062k
ixLayer V1.02 ( trial version ) for R14 - ixLayer - Intelligent Layer Management This ....more
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