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Title Rating Downloads Size
Extractor ver 2.0 19382655k
Extractor, tool for extracting attribute information from Autocad drawing With Extractor y ....more
FileLib 3.4 for AutoCAD2000 2791.53MB
Help to build your own custom libraries to manage related drawings. Demo - www.cadaddon ....more
GLOBALC for AutoCAD 2000 Visual global color chaning routine, shows colors and color num ....more
Hacext 1.2 1977112k
Sometimes you see a nice hatch pattern in a drawing created by another user and you want t ....more
2D P&ID Library None 6161.94MB
This is a 2D P&ID Library. It is completely free and you can customise it with your own s ....more
3D Pipe Fittings None 6363.53MB
3D Pipe Fittings Library. Over 880 fittings, compatible with AutoCAD 2000 through to 2007 ....more
3d man 890158.12KB
3d man and it is possible to mave for any position ....more
i-dock v1.0 2118557.05KB
i-dock is a utility that brings the power of the internet and Internet Explorer into AutoC ....more
iDwgTab ver 572216.14KB
iDwgTab runs in AutoCAD R2000 or above. It supports easy controlling of multi windows in ....more
inCAD messenger 8161366k
inCAD messenger is a program to send messages within AutoCAD14/2000 environment. If you wo ....more
integrator.lsp 4681K
for integrate a number include separated real and decimal number in an individual ....more 9784k
intersection for R2000 - This programs allow the user to determine the coordinates of the ....more 250057k
ISOTOOLS [Version 4.0] FOR ACAD 2000 - ISOTOOLS is a set of useful routines to as ....more 60527.68KB
FLATTEN, FRAGMENT and WOBBLE selected lines. K4DEMO, an evaluation version of K4-TOOLKIT-0 ....more
LandSculptor 53763.78KB
Update of LandSculptor 1.0 New features Input from X,Y,Z - comma and space delimited ....more
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