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ProScriptor 2.0 10222010k
ProScriptor is a tool designed to automate the generation of AutoCAD scripts. When a numbe ....more
PURGE-S.exe None 5311427k
PurgeS ver1 for R14 - Improved purge program for Autocad drawings, not tested with other ....more
Qbrick 98952.13KB
Two news commands: QBrick allows you to break a set of entitys at their intersection po ....more 457609k
RENDER.ARX for R14 - In certain cases, the 3DSOUT command in AutoCAD Release 14 can produc ....more 1167399k
This is an ARX routine for adding revision clouds to AutoCAD R14 drawings. This has ONLY ....more
Saveas1.exe 421280k
SAVEAS creates script files for use with AutoCAD Release 14 for converting DWG files t ....more
Scr62.exe None 600859k
SCRIPRO v8.1 is designed specifically to operate under Windows 95/98/NT. Included are tool ....more
Script Generator 7633048k
Easy to use AutoCAD Script Generator. Demo version includes Customizeable plot script. Reg ....more None 75310k
Slide Factory for R12 - 14 - Automate process of creating multiple slides and sli ....more
SmartPurger 2.7 5051.38MB
SmartPurger from JTB World, is the ultimate software for batch pur ....more
ScriptMan 2001 7681591k
ScriptMan 2001 is the premier AutoCAD automation tool. Enables full unattended operation w ....more
SmPm99B.exe None 3692435k
ScriptMan99 ! by PellaCAD, Inc. provides complete AutoCAD automation. For AutoCAD R12, R ....more 366307k
Configurable dialog based ARX utility for plot file management and batch plotting. Featur ....more None 473325k
Configurable dialog based ARX utility for plot file management and batch plotting. Featur ....more
SplineConvert 1703198.62KB
SplineConvert is an ARX utility for AutoCAD 2002 which converts arcs, circles, ellipses an ....more
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