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AutoCAD - Lisp Files and Tools

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623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size 11955k
AutoLISP code to transform the coordinates of a point obtained from the block table int ....more 21213k
BK will break a line at the point at which the line is picked and will insert a break sym ....more 10181k
BL.lsp 1.0 for R12 - 14 - programme to draw break line ....more None 7802k
BLANK, UNBLANK, and UNBLANKALL - This module provides functions to manipulate the visibi ....more 11929k
Block Editor V1.0 for ACAD R12.0+ - The FREEWARE of AutoCAD Block Editor V1.0 from KozmoS ....more 12461k
BLocK RePlaCe v1.1 for R - BLKRPL.LSP v1.1 Replace Local Blocks Pick blocks to replace ....more None 14442k
BLock SWaP v2.0 for R12 + - Swap Blocks Globally Pick one block. Pick one other block ....more 288021k
BOM.lsp is a useful tool for use in multiple part assemblies. designed specially for too ....more
BomPro2000 v1.0 1683140k
BomPro2000 v1.0 for AutoCAD 2000 BomPro2000 is a 30-day trial version of a Bill of Mater ....more None 7062k
bseq.lsp well create 4 sided polys with numbered text inside each poly. You can name the s ....more 6953k
his will insert an item callout to the proper scale using dimscale. ;on the DIM layer with ....more 1064209k
Bubble Leader Ver 1.0 for R13 - 14 - A Dialog Box driven Lisp routine that allows the use ....more 1647328k
Bubblev20 ver 2.0 for R13 + - A dialog box driven Lisp routine that allows the user to a ....more
Bubble Leader Ver 3.1 1350166.36KB
A dialog box driven Lisp routine that allows the user to automatically construct bubbles w ....more None 6032k
Program "zeroes" all internal block definitions, that is it shifts the base point and lo ....more
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