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MagicLYR.exe 908989k
MagicLYR V1.0t for R13 + - MagicLYR is a powerful layer manager. Export Import Manage T ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 for AutoCAD with Blocks DWG 3555.42MB
MenuGEO by Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov includes modules for: lines (vectors), curves, co ....more
MenuGEO 7.4 para AutoCAD con Bloques DWG 2915.41MB
MenuGEO de Nikolay Yordanov Hadzhiivanov incluye modulos para: rectas, curvas, coordenadas ....more
mkedls.lsp None 3263k
mkedls ver 1.0 for R11 + - MKEDLS.lsp works similar to the bonus command LMAN only it's n ....more None 36941k
MLAYER V1.5 for ACAD R12.0+ The Multi-Functional Command of Layer V1.5 is an advanced Auto ....more None 56021k
MOVE_LAY - move all entities on a layer to a different one. Freeware. ....more None 296200k
PRO Menu for AutoCAD R12 DOS for R12 - To work efficiently you need the right tool for e ....more None 618368k
Layer Management System ProLAYER has a Main Menu (POP 1) with 11 MAJOR ....more None 3365k
Refl Ver 1.0 for R12 - 14 - Quite often you need to change a group of objects to a Refere ....more
ReLayerIt.exe 11914890k
ReLayerIt 2000 - Do you need to... Rename layers in multiple drawings without having to ....more None 3852k
The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to reverse the current layer status. In ....more 4031457k
RunACAD a Stand Alone App - is an MS Visual Basic 5.0 creation that let's the user browse ....more None 547266k
Rodders CAS layer \\\"snapshot\\\" utility that allows saving/restoring of layer on/off an ....more
SUFALF100.lzh 288167k
....more None 306287k
FREEWARE - Layer utilities for R12 \ DOS by SySoft CAD solutions EXP for R12 ....more
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