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AutoCAD - Block and Xref Tools

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Intentions - Cut & Paste 514163.09KB
Cut and Paste, was my solution for directories full of wblocks from users. They have only ....more
The Detail Book 2042128k
The Detail Book version 4.5 for R12 + - The Detail Book is an AutoCAD utility for organizi ....more 128659k
diagrams.dwg is a rel.10 collection of 127 arrows and 12 bo ....more 9186k
dowel pins library of dwgs ....more
draw.exe None 1348490k
library of dxf cad files of tile stone installations ....more
Dwg2zip 2005 5524.69MB
Dwg2zip is used by architects and engineers to make AutoCAD drawings readily available for ....more
Dxf2Bom 266939.47KB
Dxf2Bom is an application that allows to extract value of block attributes from DXF files ....more
DXFBlock 7324682k
This little application is a tool for creating blocks, or symbols, in AutoCAD DXF format ( ....more
Edit Attribute Value 63310.74KB
The program "Edit Attribute Value" is aimed for editing an attribute value, after selectin ....more
Edblock_Demo.ZIP 10506k
Edblock 2.0 for AutoCAD 2000 edblock_2000 for R2000 - This program allows the user to edi ....more 6812k
Routine to edit an Xref or Block by pointing Run the routine, select an Xref or Block, a ....more 289249k
38 electrical blocks and a legend ....more 3574277k
electrical symbol library ....more 142047k
Electronic Symbols ver 0.1 for R12 - 14 - This is a zipped archive containing basic el ....more
eostrial.exe 9135645k
EOS Visual Block Manager 6.0 for R2000 - Experienced AutoCAD users know how important it ....more
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