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623 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 5702k
The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to select all entities of a entered or s ....more 9311k
The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to set the copy command to multiple copi ....more None 4992k
Once the program is running the program will ask to Give Name:, type in a name to help you ....more None 8302k
Emulates a combo box not found in DCL. Consists of an edit_box and a list box combination ....more
CommandTO None 18559.82KB
CommandTo offet 4 extra command 1)CopyTO copy an object(s) from a base point to new point. ....more 310425k
line type generator create custom linetypes on the fly ....more 10042k
CopyInc Ver. 2 for R13 + - An update to J. Richardson's CopyInc. Pick a numerical text en ....more 7541k
Count for R13 - 14 - Program for typing integers with increase value by one ....more
cpmi.lsp 8262k
Copy Mirror Command for R14 - A command for copying and mirroring of objects. ....more 10661k
csarea Lisp ver 1.01 for AutoCAD 14 CSarea creates an area value to 2 decimal places from ....more 407031k
remove duplicate lines in an autocad drawing ....more
ctl.lsp 11814k
ctl.lsp v1.0 for R14 - adds a centreline between two selected lines and scales it to a f ....more 7721k
Centreline ver 1 for RAutoCAD 14 Draws a centre line through two points. Avoids changing ....more
CUTIING.lsp 9137k
Cutting V1 for R14 - cutting routine cuts the drawing according to 4 points ....more
darw.lsp 12902.65KB
Draw arrow command. To use this command,specify start and endpoint and arrow head length ....more
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