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EZ Plot v3.1 9851486k
Send CAD plot files to the plotter without using the DOS-prompt within Windows 9x/NT/2000. ....more
FlashSnap 2.0 330553.45KB
FlashSnap is a replacement for the standard AutoCAD Object Snap dialog. FlashSnap lets you ....more
FluidPwr 791800KB
A collection of 105 Fluid Power Symbols drawn to ANSI Y32.10, in an MLIB (MECHSYM) format, ....more
Freeze in all Non Active ViewPorts None 1274.67KB
FNAVP will vpfreeze a picked entity's layer in all viewports except for the active viewpor ....more
Fprop 1.0.0 73719k
This command allows you to change basic object properties such as linetype, color, etc. in ....more
CompareDWG 1.00 None 3891.21MB
CompareDWG finds the differences betweeen two releases of an AutoCAD drawing. These differ ....more
CompareDWG 1.00 4961.21MB
CompareDWG finds the differences betweeen two releases of an AutoCAD drawing. These differ ....more
Hatch Manager 2004 12773.65MB
The solution to all your hatch creation and management needs is here! Build entire librari ....more
GlobalCAD Organizer 2004 8625.21MB
GlobalCAD Organizer gives you the tools to create and manage drawing objects like never be ....more
GeoTools Version 1.42 Update 66862967k
G E O T O O L S 1.42 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GeoTools is an add-on program for A ....more
Gk Distribute None 32233k
Evenly distributes lines between 2 points with mullions. Has a preview to play with number ....more
HandyAzan ver 1.05 22511.07KB
HandyAzan is your prayers time reminder designed & intended for Pocket PC users. HandyMast ....more
Hatchpatterns PDF 133389.42KB
All AutoCAD predefine hatch patterns in a single PDF file. This PDF file has been created ....more 21631k
Creates a linetype called hedge, which is a series of overlapped arcs, with the outside of ....more
HexNut 6604.13KB
Uses a dialog interface to draw 2D views (plan, 2 sides, 3 sides) and 3D models (simple or ....more
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