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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

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Title Rating Downloads Size 290611k
Dialog based lisp routine with three functions to Import and Export AutoCAD text to and fr ....more None 3351409k
CTM200 is a CONDOC /Keynote generating program that works outside of Autocad 13 and 14 FOR ....more 7163k
Dimension line break utility Break whitness and dimension lines in R13 dimension ob ....more 126134k
Dialogue box routine to simplify multiple and global changes to AutoCAD text-like objects ....more None 4173K
DDIMFIT - Simple dialog to change the value of DIMFIT for a selection set of dimensions. ....more
ddtdim11.exe 39334k
Dimension Style Toggle for R13 - 14 - Dialog interface for selecting/changing dime ....more 4431k
This routine changes all ASSOCIATIVE dimensions that have had their values changed by the ....more None 5171k
If you have dimensions that are upside down or sideways : This routine resets the "Group ....more 4075k
Lisp to Calculate the value measured by any dimension. Works with dimensions arbitrarily p ....more
Dim Modify Mech None 403556KB
Imperial version. Standardize and improve productivity dimensioning your drawings. T ....more 193257k
Dim and Text Style Blocks for R12 thru 2000 - This set of blocks can be inserted into you ....more
Dimarc.lsp 1123412k
Lisp routine to create or modify a length-arc dimension between 0 and 180 degrees. This r ....more
Dimension Manager 9095k
Just a Dimension routine upload years back that still works today. ....more
DimMAN 4950
DimMAN - dimensions manager add-on Can select if imperial or metric system. If already us ....more 10453k
Dimension Notes for R14 - Dimension Notes - This program will help you quickly add modif ....more
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