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Title Rating Downloads Size 53966k
stat ver 1.0 for R2000 - Autolisp file to help quickly get static values of 2D shapes on ....more 12234564k
Table Maker 2.0 for AutoCAD 2000 - full functionally, original version. ....more
Japanese version Paper Space and Model Space convertor. ....more
TopoVlexC version 0.40j 901.59MB
Building library lisp functions in zip archive. Convert AutoLISP block (progn..) into C+ ....more 74123k
AnnotationTranslator v1.1 Evaluation for R2000 - AnnotationTranslater is a simple tool t ....more
Truck load 9752.86MB
This is an useful aplication for a graphic organization of loads in a truck or Container ....more
UMSP 10.1 406597k
Acad200 Tool zur Erstellung von unmaßstäblichen Gleisplänen; Einfaches Zeichnen von Weich ....more
VB(A) Macro Recorder v1.0.0.4 2397181K
This product records the operations you do through the AutoCAD® user interface and produce ....more
Visual DCL 21102830k
Visual DCL is an integrated development environment for the creation of standard AutoCAD D ....more 722153k
VRMLout 2.02 for R2000 - New version of VRML export application. Exports any 3D entity fr ....more
VT-Layer Properties Manager ver 2.2 73945.57KB
"VT - Turn Object's Layer Off/On" like "Turn Object's Layer Off" (layoff), "VT - Freeze/Th ....more
VT-Layer Properties Manager ver 2.1 39243.55KB
No need to remember layer name. ....more
VT - Xref Manager ver 3.2 73845.17KB
EVT-Xrefs Unload/Reload - use to unload/reload Xrefs. EVT-Xrefs Unload - use to unload X ....more 76415k
Vvew DXF is a DXF data viewing tool for AutoCAD 2000 drawing. It could list the DXF data ....more
WarpNT44.exe 6971244K
WarpNT v1.55 NT4.0 SP 4 Only - Makes R2000 run 80% faster! WarpNT expands Ram-Disk to 2. ....more
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