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Title Rating Downloads Size 393521K
46 AutoCAD hatch patterns ....more
Scale Convert 1.0 5711.5KB
SCV 1.0 - Scale Converter. (by Andrea Andreetti) Very useful Aline and/or scale the sele ....more
SetDate r 1.0 5777k
This program replace any text (text, mtext or block attribute), with the system date. You ....more 56515k
Sfactor v2.5 for ACAD r12, r13 and r14 - Updated Scale factor routine. Scale factor routi ....more 131345k
font library 's' ....more
SHX2shp v2.02 for win98 2671121k
A good new AutoCAD SHX fonts decompiler and viewer! Main functions: Shx files decompile ....more 289734k
SHXVIEW.EXE allows you quickly to view any SHX fontfile, incl. R13&R14 unifonts. ....more
SHX Viewer 1.1 11038452k
SHX Viewer is the most beautiful, most powerful, and easiest-to-use shx file viewer and de ....more 114835k
shx font viewer ....more None 6001k
This is a slightly modified version of the standard simplex.shx font for R14. The slash an ....more 219725k
NEW hatch patterns for AutoCAD. Wiggley ones, squiggley ones, unusual and interesting one ....more None 3193k
SM-ID for ACAD R12+ - SM-ID enhances AutoCAD's ID command with a dialog box that reports W ....more 8906k
Smart Leader v1.2 for AutoCAD 14 + Do you have to label your blocks every time you annota ....more
Smart Leader ver 1.3 None 2215KB
Smart Leader v1.2 for AutoCAD 2000 + Do you have to label your blocks every time you anno ....more
Specec 1.0 546402k
Specec 1.0 is a spell checker for AutoCAD 2000. The full version has a basic dictionary wi ....more
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