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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

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Title Rating Downloads Size 10323797k
DetailGuide 1.6.2 The DetailGuide is for anyone in the construction industry who requires ....more
SpellRx14.EXE None 529905k
SpellRx Version1.01 for AutoCAD 14 SpellRx brings professional quality, convenient spell ....more
SpellRx15.EXE 613906k
SpellRx2000 Version1.01 for AutoCAD 2000 SpellRx 2000 brings professional quality, conven ....more
ss.lsp 5362k
ss.lsp ver 1.0 for R11 + - Program to allow user to set to an existing text, attribute, o ....more
STa ver 7.21 - Dimension and Layer tools 380196.42KB
Create many dimensions in one step! FILTER dimensioned objects by layer or by entity type. ....more
Stamp fx 6533.2MB
Stamp fx offers you the ability to add any combination and any number of 10 information st ....more 13811k
converts multiple lines of text objects to an mtext object using the current text height w ....more
Ta.lsp 11472k
This program will match text angle to a line angle selected ....more
Talin v1.0.0 71460k
Small and easy tool to align text with lines, includes two interfaces, a very easy graphic ....more
Textual Array ver. 1.3 54718k
Creation of a textual array with a digital sequence (e.g. diagrams, graphs, tables). For e ....more
PxCad Text Box v1.0.0 15724.29KB
[Free] A program to draw a polyline box around text and mtext. This version draws 3 diffe ....more None 5421k
Textcase ver 1.0 for R13 + - Change from upper to lower case and vice versa with a click ....more
TextCommander 624208k
This TextCommander is another useful tool from our Commander-tool series for your work wit ....more
Textstyle Change 1.0.3 5731.61MB
Text styles can be changed on screen, by current styles or globally. Tested in AutoCAD 14. ....more 124211k
font library 't' ....more
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