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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

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198 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size 417630k
54 tile hatch patterns .pat .sld files ....more 34336k
TLIB V1.5 for ACAD R12.0 The Text Librarian V1.5 is a Chinese word library System to give ....more
Translate2000(i) 725342k
Translate processes all texts, MTexts, user dimension texts, tolerances and dimensionings. ....more
Ts.lsp 9684k
TS version 1.1 for R14 - Pick unlimited lines of text. TS will align text vertically and h ....more 3601k
Text Size for R12 + - Calculates text height based on input of plotted text height and 1: ....more
TSText 3.0 1291391k
Text Add-on for R14/2K/2Ki, by TimeSavers for CAD - A system of commands, including dialog ....more
TextThing ver 1.4