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AutoCAD R14

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Title Rating Downloads Size 19071k
This function saves a drawing as both R12 & R14 in one go, only works in R14 of course. ....more 2701304k
3D22D is an updated version of earlier releases. Now you can decide wether you want hatch ....more 214624k
3DBurst 1.0 for R14 - 3DBurst is an ARX application which allows the user to quickly cre ....more
a2wconv.exe 669498k
ACAD to Wesnet Converter for R14 - ACAD to WESNET Converter is a program that works und ....more
aa.lsp 12402k
Alead [Ver 2.0] for R14 - Fixed bug.. Draws an associated leader without the mtext. Use ....more
Abemtag.EXE 85946k
ABemtag for R14 - Abemtag is a tool to place the current filename in the drawing. A Bloc ....more 13631405k
Text editor for AutoCAD/IntelliCAD v1.0 for AutoCAD 14 A small text editor for AutoCAD us ....more 10709k
AcadExport.Exe Ver. 1.0 - Stand Alone App - AcadExport.Exe is a stand alone application ....more 7192k
Enhanced shell extension DLL for Drawing Properties Version 3.40 of the shell extension D ....more
ADLSoft Details & Blocks 34814MB
Miscellaneous Architectural Details & Blocks From ADLSoft, Inc, ....more 116951k
AutoHook14 1.1a - Version 1.1a now works with Softdesk, AutoCAD Map and Mechanical Desk ....more 725613k
AKeys ver 3.7 for R14 - Enhancements to AutoCAD 14, 2000 and map4 for multi-disciplines. ....more
Alead.lsp 6922k
Alead ver 2.0 for R14 - Update to Alead.lsp Fixed bug so it does not erase the last thi ....more
AlphaNum001.lsp 123011k
An alpha/number program. Creating rows or columns of either numbers or letters with user d ....more 1244773k
Annotation Suite v1.0 for R14 - A utility collection that expands users' ability to crea ....more
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