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AutoCAD - Block and Xref Tools - ARCHIVED

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188 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size 5303k
AutoBind xrefs ....more None 36830k
slide missing from the ansi 14.5y library ....more None 4256k
AUTOxbin.LSP is useful for simplifying the layer names of xref'd drawings which have been ....more None 33754K
Block Catalog Ver 2.0 requires Autocad rel 12 ....more None 32847K
Block Librarian for R12 uses slides and scrolling list boxes ....more None 3842k
Utility to create a file listing blocks in a drawing. Will also work transparently if ....more None 361200K
Block Cataloger for DOS or WIN ....more None 309233k
crossref version 2.0 block manager for autocad r12/13 dos/windows february 22, 1996 copyri ....more
bs.dwg 33238k
blue stake logo to add to arizona dwgs. ....more None 70179k
here is another example drawing of a must have autocad program called 'the catalog maker!' ....more 557245k
A Block Manager - Type BM (Block Manager) at the Autocad command prompt. New Features t ....more None 41860k
Xref Dialogue Box for easier xref use. Also Pdt.lsp The best Multiple Pedit Dialogue Box o ....more 3742492k
assembly dwg blocks from 'del-tron' ....more None 45444k
Integrated circuits block library of parts ....more None 24041K
Block catalog & Menu System for Facilities Management ....more
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