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this program was written because of trouble we had while using our network version of auto ....more
ACLEAN.ZIP None 30012k
Deletes all Acad SWAP FILES on disk. ....more 36859K
AutoLISP interface for file Compression ....more
ACT.ZIP None 34324k
ACT - AutoCAD Command Translator 1.10 - You can use ACT as a language indipendent help uti ....more None 31384k
ALOAD is an AutoCad for Windows R12 or R13 and Windows 3.1 and Win 95 (beta) compatible u ....more 37625K
Mega-App Loader for R13 is a replacement for APPLOAD.LSP and APPLOAD.DCL. It includes ....more None 45017K
APPMNU.LSP lets you store a list of your favorite LISP and execute them ....more 313225k
For R12 & R13 DOS/WIN Keynote & Legend Manager by MRH Design Shareware. Use ASCII files t ....more 391203k
Rev.2 9-22-97 AUTOapps.LSP stores a list of LSP programs which may then be called from the ....more 7997K
AUTOFONT.LSP collects and assembles in a separate directory named AUTOFONT all big and sma ....more 31230k
Auto-it Version 1.0b May, 1997 Conceived by Lyle Hardin Written by Beau Harder Copyright ....more None 281103K
AutoZip version 1.1 is a drawing compression program tailored for Autocad R13 Win32 platfo ....more 3525k
backup.exe for win95 by hamilton architects. this is a handy utility to automate back up o ....more
BIGPWD.EXE None 26728k
Repair ACAD.PWD Utility for AutoCAD Release 11 12 ....more None 3341232k
aimabom bill of materials generator for r12 ....more
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