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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util. - ARCHIVED

198 archive items -- Showing Files 1 thru 15
244 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size 3637k
puts identical text on top of attribute text ....more 2832k
aline.lsp line with an attribute. ....more None 3865k
change dimension type (auto architect only) ....more 3195k
add or subtract dimensions within the dwg environment ....more None 28728k
full screen text editor for debugging lisp code ....more None 18616K
ANNOTATION ASSISTANT Version 1.2 For AutoCAD Release 12/13. FREEWARE! ....more None 2734k
insert ascii text files into autocad drawings ....more 30462K
Allows the AutoCAD ATTEXT at the DOS command prompt - ATTEXT is a DOS program that behaves ....more
attexted.lsp None 6317K
This routine allows the user to create a selection set of blocks containing attribute t ....more None 547394k
the attribute writer offers an easy to use, dialog box based, alternative to using the aut ....more None 2053k
change the hgt of an attribute with a tag matching another ....more 3568k
Attx is used to convert attdefs to text. An attdef is created when a block with attributes ....more 3712k
global text attribute search and replce routine ....more
AUTOarow.LSP Rev.4 draws a standard Autocad dimension arrow to the end of any selected lin ....more 4278k
U P D A T E D - AUTOarow.LSP Rev.4 draws a standard Autocad dimension arrow to the end of ....more
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