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Title Rating Downloads Size None 541224K
AimaEdit Version 2.x Copyright 1993-94 by AimaSoft, Inc. AimaEdit is a powerful block ed ....more 3875K
Dialogue interface to load/unload Autolisp/ADS ....more None 31945K
edit object in a block R12 ....more None 35959K
Block Edit ver 2.0 R12 only EDIT ENITIES IN A BLOCK W/O EXPLODING IT ....more None 562241k
block edit is an autocad ads program that allows you to preform simple editing of the obje ....more None 2846k
Burns McDonnell's Release 12 Setup Version 7.0 ....more None 3813K
command that unions the functionality of BPOLY and OFFSET ....more None 4604K
create poche hatching of a specified width ....more None 2932K
R-12 only A calender month by month with notes check it out ....more 7102K
Front end for BHATCH ....more None 262286K
C-LINE Demonstration Slide Show ....more None 3882K
Convert all text in drawing to a new height ....more None 41270K
Change text change property w/ dialogue preview box ....more None 2837K
Insert command with dialogue interface ....more None 3733k
chromatic pallete style color selection dialog for picking layers by objects. ....more
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