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AutoCAD R12 for Windows - ARCHIVED

25 archive items -- Showing Files 1 thru 15
4 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size None 2802k
acad icons for windows 3.1 ....more None 23678K
ANNOTATOR(tm) Voice Notes for AutoCAD for Windows Release 12 ....more None 2685k
convert links from ase (sql) to ade format ....more None 4801716k
Auto Spooler is designed to let you plot in the background while in Windows. (All versions ....more None 30296k
block edit for windows acad ....more None 3159k
autocad windows r12 -> smartcad windows convertor ....more None 26757k
read in a spreadsheet via dde from different acad session ....more None 31826k
feet inches calculator for windows ....more None 315371k
bitmaps for acad win toolbars ....more None 402754k
icontool version 2.0 demo ....more None 244175k
in3 voice command demo pro voice command for windows ....more None 31576k
exe for acad sql in windows ....more None 26489k
master explode for acadwin ....more 289357k
batch proccessing multiple dwgs in windows ....more None 2306k
batch processing in acad windows ....more

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