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86 unarchived items
Title Rating Downloads Size
ABASPR.ZIP None 389139k
Program and Customize AutoCAD in BASIC ....more
ADSZTC.ZIP 438186k
Zortech C++ compiler and some source code for ADS apps ....more
ALLY20.ZIP 584171k
ALLY Vers 2.0 - ALLY is a programmer's workbench, code checker and analyzer for AutoLISP, ....more
ALLY21.ZIP 567182k
Lisp Programmers workbench ALLY ver 2.1 - o ALLY now handles all the new R12 AutoLISP func ....more
AutoM8 v1.1 237292k
AutoM8 v1.0 by CSG Solutions, allows the AutoCAD user the option of CHANGING, PLOTTING or ....more None 2941078K
AUTO-PROCEDURE version 2.2 Windows AUTO-PROCEDURE est un programme, fonctionnant sous Win ....more 5498k
apply a lisp and script file to any dwg file(s) ....more None 3464K
This is an example routine, illustrating how to implement THE ARRAY FUNCTION ....more None 3796k
autolisp/xlisp cross-development utilities. ....more None 3232K
Test PARENTHESES balance in LISP ....more None 628149k
batch plot via dialogue ....more None 3414k
demonstrates the 16 boolean functions of autolisp's boole ....more
bpro35.exe None 286353k
batch pro for acad ....more None 3571148k
BATCH SCRIPT runs script files to batch process multiple drawings in AutoCad for Windows v ....more 3743K
This emulates the Common LISP (case) function. ....more
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